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Frequently Asked Questions

IT support for senior living refers to the tailored technology assistance and services that address the unique needs of seniors living in assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, or memory care. It includes computer support, software troubleshooting, network setup, and other IT-related services that can help seniors stay connected, safe, and independent.

Omnia Senior Solutions offers a comprehensive range of IT services for senior living communities, from managed IT security services to community phones to residents’ internet. Learn more about our services.

IT support can promote social engagement and overall well-being in senior living communities. It helps seniors stay connected with their loved ones through email, video call, and social media. It also provides them with access to online resources so they can stay up to date on current events, learn about new topics, or expand their entertainment options. What’s more, IT support helps seniors access various health monitoring tools that they can use to track their vital signs, manage their conditions, and easily connect with healthcare providers to get the care they need.

We specialize in helping communities determine which assistive technology vendor best meets their residents’ needs. Once selected, our team can assist in integrating these technologies into the communities.

Absolutely! We offer technology training sessions specifically designed for staff members in senior living communities. Our trainers will help participants use IT applications that are relevant to their needs.

We understand the importance of prompt assistance, especially for senior residents who rely on technology for communication and daily tasks. Our dedicated support team ensures quick response times and is available to address IT issues and provide guidance 24/7 to meet the needs of senior living communities effectively.

The costs of IT support for senior living communities vary depending on the type of support you need, the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure, and the specific needs of your residents and staff. Contact us today to learn more about our rates.