Co-Managed Services

Unmatched technological expertise that augments your in-house IT capabilities

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Experience the best of both worlds when it comes to managed IT

As businesses grow, managing complex IT infrastructures becomes increasingly challenging. Internal IT teams might struggle to keep up with rapid technological advancements, leading to potential gaps in expertise and performance. At the same time, relying solely on outsourced IT services might hinder a company’s ability to have full control over its systems and data.

With Omnia’s co-managed services, your senior living community can tap into the expertise of a trusted IT solutions provider while retaining control over critical aspects of your IT environment. This collaborative approach enables you to bridge skill gaps, streamline operations, and achieve optimal IT performance and security.

Benefit from the following with Omnia's co-managed services:

Enhanced IT expertise:

Access the combined knowledge and experience of your internal IT team and Omnia Senior Solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Improved scalability:

Get the flexibility to scale your IT services according to your business requirements without having to hire or lay off internal IT staff.

24/7 monitoring and support:

Resolve IT issues promptly and minimize downtime with round-the-clock monitoring and support.

Strategic planning:

Collaborate with experts to develop comprehensive IT strategies and roadmaps that align with business objectives.


Optimize your IT budget by utilizing resources where and when they are needed most.